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"...If a little old grandma like me with no computer skills can do it -- anyone can!"

I'm totally amazed at how simple it is to make my own graphic header using the steps in the Dashboard!

Marlon, I don't know if you'll print this on your web page but I want everyone to know that if a little old grandma (I'm 58 years old) like me with NO computer skills can do it -- anyone can!

Thanks again!

Diane Vonkemann
(Beta Tester Details)



" less than 2 hours I made my first site..."

Marlon, in less than 2 hours I made my first site with the Design Dashboard and just want to say "thanks"...

If it hadn't been for the Design Dashboard I'd still be messing around with those free web site templates I downloaded off the 'net and I'll tell ya, even though they're free, they sucked up more hours of my time than I care to count!

Daniel Ignace
B.C. Canada
(Beta Tester Details)



"Your step-by-step system, with help for each step, is the no-hassle way to set up new sales effective sites!"

Marlon, If your Design Dashboard was available years ago, I'd have saved countless hours of frustration. I'd have higher quality, more visually appealing sites.

Your step-by-step system, with help for each step, is the no-hassle way to set up new sales effective sites.

I feel this is a tool that every webmaster would benefit from!"

Rick Hanson
Ontario Canada



"This product provides it to be as easy and as simple as possible for anyone to create great looking, profit pulling web sites from scratch."

"Hey Marlon, this is Ewen from

I've got to say that the Design Dashboard is fantastic. This product provides it to be as easy and as simple as possible for anyone to create great looking, profit pulling web sites from scratch. I love how you've broken everything down, step-by-step, so that anyone, even a newbie, could do this.

I really recommend this. It's a great quality product. And I think everyone should get this..."

Ewen Chia



"Marlon, your Design Dashboard is astounding."

I've never seen such a high quality web design and site building system like this.

You made it so easy my three year old could design a great looking web site.

I'm very critical of web designs, since I'm a designer myself -- but your system makes it so quick and easy, I'll never have to design another site by hand again.

It's easy to see your customers are going to save thousands of dollars and many hours of frustration with designing a killer site.

The graphics look GREAT, the layout is the type that's proven to convert buyers and your step-by-step system makes it simple to just jump right in and start creating an amazing, sales-pulling web site.

Congratulations Marlon. A fantastic piece of work. Thanks for once again raising the bar on high-quality products.

You're the man!"

Jason Mangrum



"If you want to get your web site up and going and do it with as little hassle and headache as possible, Marlon literally walks you through it"

"Hey, this is Yanik Silver calling in in between one of my crazy adventures. and I just wanted to leave a quick message for Marlon.

Marlon's one of the few people that I whole-heartedly recommend with pretty much anything he comes out with because it's always A-1, top quality stuff.

Marlon really spends a lot of time creating materials, products, resources, and tools when most other people are just shlopping something together and putting it out there as soon as they can.

I know Marlon and I have talked about this new prdouct of his, this Design Dashboard, for quite a while and it's something that wasn't developed over night. It's taken him a long, long, long time to get this down. And from what I've seen - I've played around with it - it's worth it.

He takes a complex process... and makes it simple. If you want to get your web site up and going and do it with as little hassle and headache as possible, Marlon literally walks you through it. You've just got to click on the icons and you're all set.

I definitely recommend it for people that want to do it yourself and go that route."

Yanik Silver
































































"Read this for important disclaimers, legal stuff and fine print"

By purchasing this product, you express your understanding of and agreement with the following information. If you do not understand the meaning of any of these statements, please send an email to:

Any statistics quoted in this letter are based on third party research. Because I quote a statistic does not necessarily mean I have validated that particular piece of information in my business or in the businesses of my customers. Having said that, these statistics are commonly held as true by the peers I associate with in this business.

Any and all claims or representations made in this letter are to be considered exceptional results by talented individuals who actually use the information, NOT the average result of anyone who buys the product. This applies especially to those who buy the product but do not read it, apply it or follow directions only partly. For example, because it's possible to create a web site in 2 or 3 hours, it does not mean you personally will be able to create the same quality of web site in the same amount of time. Having said that, it is the unsubstantiated belief of Higher Response Marketing, Inc. that the average person who buys this product can create a web site by following the steps we give in just 20 minutes a day per icon, if and only if they read the product and follow instructions as presented without significant deviation.

Your actual speed of learning may vary. No 2 people learn at the same speed. One person may be able to read one book and understand certain concepts more clearly than another person who's read multiple books and spent more time learning. Everyone is different.

I do not have statistics on the number of people who actually create web sites, nor the amount of time it takes to create them on average.

Testimonials: The testimonials in this letter represent the unique experiences of talented individuals and do not indicate you will or even can accomplish a similar result. Because someone else creates a complete web site in 2 hours the first time they study the Design Dashboard, that does not mean that you can do the same thing. I don't know you, your background, your work ethic, or whether you'll follow the steps exactly as I've laid them out.

Uniqueness of formula: This is to be taken in the sense that while others may teach similar ideas or steps, my web design formula is unique in that it brings together concepts and ideas all in one package combined with insights from my personal experience.

All information is provided for educational purposes only and may or may not represent factual information.

Common sense: You recognize that all marketing and any business endeavor encompasses risk. You freely and of your own will risk any and all capital you may choose to spend implementing the formula and concepts. You will do so with skill and common sense. You will not hold Higher Response Marketing Inc. nor Marlon Sanders liable or accountable in any way for any failure of the formula to live up to your expectations.

In short, let me sum up this way: You're an adult and I'm an adult. I'm sharing information based on my experiences, those of my friends and that which I've learned. You'll use your own brainpower to implement these methods at your own risk.

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Marlon Sanders

CEO - Higher Response Marketing, Inc.